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Saturday, July 29, 2006

saturday night in the kitchen!

oh I remember when saturday nights were for going out - now they are about resting at home (but secretly I like this) and its been a busy night in my kitchen as we have a xmas in july lunch tmrw and I have made frittata (yes very christmassy but necessary for us non meat eaters), tiramisu (ok not for xmas but one of my specialties) and a pineapple rum fruit cake (that is still baking and smelling divine!!!).

I've emailed off my brownie recipe a few times this week but here it is, oh these really are good and I promise if you try them you will love them. I made them quite a bit towards the end of my pregnancy and it probably explains some of my weight gain!

150g dark chocolate
110g butter
2 eggs lightly beaten
225g caster sugar
110g self raising flour
50-100g pecans roughly chopped

melt butter and chocolate over low heat. Pour into bowl and add eggs, sugar, flour and pecans and mix well. Pour into lined baking tray (25cm square or smaller is best)and bake in 180 degrees oven for 30 minutes (or 25 minutes at 175 degrees if fan forced). Leave to cool a few minutes and cut into squares.

on the knitting front I did manage knitting up half the back of my mum's jumper today. I really want it finished so I can finish finish finish my millions of projects in my back room!


  • At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think we'll give these brownies a run one night after school this week. My kids are going to love helping to make them....and eat them!

  • At 5:25 PM, Blogger Mrs Independent said…

    Wow that Tiramisu looks YUMMY!!


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