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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Settling technique required

Is there a magic technique to settle my little one!!!! we did have a good night with Keira only waking twice but its the getting back to sleep that kills us. we rock, pat, try a dummy, pick up and put down and when all else fails leave her for 3 minutes then pick up again!

she is now peacefully asleep and I managed 1/2 hour of knitting on my jo sharp cowl neck sweater for my mum! I am too lazy to take a photo of my progress as just getting online each day takes some planning!!!!

I did manage to make a big veggie lasagne last night complete with cheese sauce and a spinach and ricotta layer so life hasn't totally stopped! But I must cut down on my biscuit consumption and daily dessert of a mini apple pie and ice-cream - it will be taking its toll on our waistlines!


  • At 2:42 PM, Blogger Belinda said…

    Mine liked to be wrapped, they were wrapped up so tight. It was like they were mummies. I know it's easy to say, but try not to get into the habit of rocking or patting them to sleep you will pay for it later. If you get desperate call one of the help lines like Tresillian or Karitane (24hrs). She is still so new, it will take a few weeks to settle. If you are still having trouble after a week or 2, you can ask for a referral to Tresillian from the health clinic. A few of my friends did the overnight stay and it really helped them get on track. Good luck!!!

  • At 10:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    that's a hard one as all babies settle differently. And your will power might be stronger than mine - I was hopeless. So on the note don't think I will add anything to that other than we have all been there (although that's way too smug when you are sleep deprived)...

  • At 11:11 PM, Blogger amanda j said…

    You are doing well to find time to post! Babies are all different and it takes time to find what yours needs. Enjoy this time - steal as many kisses as you can because I can guarantee it does not last.

  • At 11:44 AM, Blogger Mrs Independent said…

    Hey hon, hope you're getting some rest! I second the wrapping idea, that works a charm for some babies.

    I also really found getting into bed with my baby helped - anything to survive those first few weeks - it doesn't mean you'll end up with a child in bed with you forever. Just follow the same rules for safe sleeping as you do with baby in her own bed(firm mattress, no soft bedding etc).

    You can't spoil a newborn.

    The other thing to watch for is getting her overtired, as it get harder to settle babies the more tired they get - my babies could only stay awake for 45mins when they were tiny - so that doesn't leave time for anything - awake, feed, sleep. That takes all their energy when they're so small.

    Tkae care and don;t try to do too much!!!

  • At 11:45 AM, Blogger Mrs Independent said…

    Oh, and if in doubt definately try getting help - Karitane nurses are a fantsatic source of advice and support.

  • At 12:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    All I can offer is wrapping snugly - making sure shes nice and full from her feed - and burped properly wind in the tummie wont help her settle-

    is she in a room with a bit of noise maybe a radio on low as newborns like to have constant noise after all mums tummie is a noisy place - is the room to cold for her? -

    I had my son in a bassinett in my room next to my bed it was alot easier to get up for feeds during the night and he could hear us so was settled also you dont want to have tippetoe around the house so get them used to noise while they sleep otherwise you may pay for it later *lol*

    I am guilty of cuddling my son after he fed but he usually fell asleep in my arms - luckily he didnt make it a habit that I had to do it all the time.

    And the only obvious thing is nice clean nappie - otherwise Id say youve got it under control and things will get into a routine for the two of you and then youll be at another stage thinking *shit * now what do I do *lol*

    Have fun Corrie


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